Hotel ali ghapo
Location Isfahan - Four Bagh Abbasi Street
star 4
Single bed price
Double bed price
Child with bed (6 to 12 years old)
Child without bed (2 to 6 years old) -
The continent Asia
Country Iran
Province Isfahan
City Isfahan

Esfahan Supreme Hotel Qapu is one of the first hotels in the city. The hotel has 105 rooms with traditional architecture in the first to fourth floors, ready to host Iranian guests and foreign tourists. The Qapu Hotel is located in a very good location in the city of Isfahan. It has easy access to tourist destinations such as Zayandeh Rood, Thirty-Three Bridges, Khaju Bridge and Shah Jahan Square. The four-star hotel Qapu, which is part of the Parsian hotel chain, is well-equipped with amenities in all parts of the hotel, and is the best choice for staying in the city of Isfahan. Also, Parsian Ahapa Kappa has a special room for disabled people, which is a remarkable place for the dear disabled.