Waterfall Sasang

Sasseng Falls is located in the Golestan Province on the geographical location N370329 

E552232. The beautiful Sasan waterfall in Minoodasht city, about 15 km from Bagherabad 

forest and the village of Marekh Mahalla and Mullashi village, is located in the 

village of Sasang. The relative height of the waterfall is 800 meters.

 The village is located 21 km south of Minodasht. Mount Nashad is located one kilometer 

south of it. 

There are 8 cascades in the area, each with a short distance from each other.

 From the village of Sasang to the waterfall, it is about a 1-hour walk on the gentle 


 The area is covered with broad-leafed trees and is seen on many fountains.