Chalam riz waterfall


The cascade runs down the stairs in 5 steps from the vertical rocks and creates a 

small pond at its foot. The village of Zarrin Gol is located 10 km from Ali Abad 

Katoul city in Golestan province. The village of Zarrin is a beautiful and green 

countryside with pristine and untouched forests, the four seasons of which are truly 

visited. Its people are often farmers and their main product is rice
The village of Zarrin Gul is surrounded by green mountains on four sides, the most 

important of which is the castle of Miran, which is located in the east. The inside 

of the village has two large springs, as well as two rivers, one north and one west 

of the village. The village of Zarrin-e-Gol is composed of 8 villages and the Golden 

Golestan is the largest rural village in the foothills.