mahiyan waterfall


The village is one of the oldest mountainous villages in the village of Mohammad Abad 

Katoul, 25 kilometers southwest of the city of Ali Abad Katoul. At the beginning of 

the village, two of the Imam Khomeini are named Sayed Yahya and Sayed Razi
The Mayan village has been discovered with regard to the ancient works found in the 

3000-year-old grave. An ancient shrine three thousand years ago was discovered in the 

mountain village of Ali Abadkolat in the village of Golestan.
The village of fish (the locals call the village Mayan) is located in the village of 

Mohammad Abad Katoul, Ali Abad Katoul city. Dordogneh Mohammad Abad Katoul has 13 

mountainous villages in the mountain range of Alborz. The mountainous village of fish 

is located 50 kilometers east of Gorgan, Golestan province.

This village is one of the few ancient foothill villages in the Alborz Mountains and the Katoul

Region in the city of Ali Abadkolv and Vostan is always a greenery