espeh oo waterfall

His waterfall is located in the geographical location N363600 E534628 in Mazandaran province. This waterfall is

located near the Pasand village in the area of ​​Thousand Jerim Neka. Among the natural attractions of this village are

the green forests and its good weather, and its springs and waterfall can be named as one of the wonders of nature

and its natural blessings.


To reach this waterfall, it should be a few kilometers to the city of Behshahr, 

seeing the peninsula of the Pasand village on the right side of Gorgan-Sari road 

around the first section of the road, and passing through the entrance of the village 

from the second entrance, which enters the Pasand forest, through the very road The 

beautiful and forest of Pasand village came to the Neka River after 30 minutes, and 

from this point onwards, along the opposite side of the river, it traversed the river 

(eastwards). Parts of this route pass through the river. Therefore, the distance 

traversal is approximately two The hour of this waterfall is very fun and enjoyable


His waterfall is staircase and bowl and has a very unique view. Hundreds of 7-story 

calcareous ponds have been created for many years. Some parts of the waterfall flow 

through the river, so it is very fun and enjoyable to get around three hours of the 

cascade. This beautiful and beautiful waterfall with a height of more than 30 meters 

springs from the heart of the mountain of Siavash and flows into the river Naka