Sembi Falls

Sembi Falls is located in Mazandaran province in the geographical location N363757 E534436. This waterfall is near the glacial village of Behshahr. The village is located 54 km east of Behshahr city, and is located in the area of the Thiruvium Jereb district of Yang-e-Shar. Freezing from the north to the massive forests of the Alborz Mountains and the hunting grounds forbidden by a thousand acres, and from the south to the great Neka River, which flows into the city of Neka, and from the east to the village of Owd, which is connected to the protected area of the city of Golgahah, and leads to the village of Pchim from the west. The massive forests of this village, with its clustered trees such as clover and bark, banana, evangelical and bark, have created beautiful scenery. The region has a very rich wildlife such as leopards, bears, wolves, foxes, jackals, and birds such as tigers, queens, desert pigeons, and so on.