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Bakhtiari Tribes

Bakhtiari is one the great Iranian Lur tribes that is known as Great Lur that is located in Middle zagros mountain.The small Lur is now located in Ellam and Lorestan.Out land areas of Chaharmahal   Bakhtiari and Khozestan are habitiute of most  Bakhtoari people but today most of them habitute in cities and villages.Bakhtiarie's dilect is one the Persian dilect,means from the south-west language of Iranian.Persian dialects and languages ​​are Persian, Lori, Bakhtiari, Larestani, and Komasari.Some linguists regard the Bakhtiari as an undertone of Larry, and some consider it as separate branches.One of the tribes that has got another indetity along with Bakhtiaresare's are Kamari Arabs