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Qashqai Tribes

Ghashgaei is the biggets tribe afrer Bakhtiary trip.They mostly habitiute in Fars province . Many of them are still moving to the grassland in the various seasons of the year.Ghashgaei people are originally Turkish.Fars is one of the most important nomadic areas in IranIran's largest tribe ( Ghashqaei trib) continues to go to the six tribes in Fars.Besides Ghashgaei trib other tribs such as khamse trib , Mohseni trib ,and some smaller tribs cotinue their lives in Fars .Ghashqaie is one of the most important tribs in Iran that speaks Turkish.They gradually imigrate to this land in diifferent era and habitiute there. In examing Iranians tribs and Nomad, this point is important that Turkish Nomad are in all over the Iran.This point has increased by Salgokhian ,Mogholan, Teymorian and Safavie empire