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Travel to iran

Time 8nights and 9 days
Went 1398/04/01
Return 1398/06/31
Cost 800


8nights residence at hote

3meal food (breakfast , lunch and dinner)

English spoken leader

Travel insurance

visiting nature ,historical and attractions

Between city transfer

the rules

                                                                      The price per person in the single room is for the exclusive tour

The price for each person in a double-bed room is 500$

The tour will be held in 9 days during Jun, July , and August

In order to attend a tour in another time please contact with us for more information

The prices are in Dollars


Country city hotel time Transportation Description
Iran isfahan Isfahan Aftab hotel 2nights Tehran to Isfahan by bus
Iran shiraz Shiraz Lotfali Khan Hotel 2nights Isfahan to shiraz by bus
Iran yazd Yazd Mozafar traditional hotel 2nights Shriraz to Yazd by bus
Iran gorgan Gorgan Ziarat hotel 2nights Yazd to gorgan by bus


Travel schedule

The first day move from Tehran to Isfahan by bus

 Isfahan sightseeing : Chehel soton Palace, , Naqshe jahan Square,Aali qapor construction

 Isfahan sightseeing the second day: sheykh lotfola Mosque,Manarjonban, Hasht behesht Palace, zayande rood , sio sepol ,pole khajo and Vank Church

Isfahan sightseeing the third day: Birds garden and flowers garden

Tranfer to the Shiraz and check in in Shiraz hotel and rest

The third day evening: Sightseeing at Shiraz Darvaze Quran,Vakil Bazare, Moshir house ,Hamam Vakil

The fourth day: Takhte jamshid , Naqshe rostam ,Pasargard, and Karim Khani Arg

The fifth day: Eram garden , Zinatol molk khane

Transfer to the Yazd (The first historic city in Iran and the second most historic city in the world), check in in Yazd hotel and rest

Yazd sightseeing: Yazd great Mosque and Amir Chokhmaq Square

The sixth day: Dolat Abad Garden (the world's sixth wind turbine) , Desert climbing, Camel riding ,Safari , and sitting around a fire at night

The seventh day :  Qasre ayene Construction , Bazare and Khan hamam

Transfer to the Gorgan

The eighth day : great and beautiful nature of Golestan Province, Mountanious villages ,Ziarat ,Naharkhoran , and Alangdare

The ninth day: visiting the old texture of Gorgan, Historical buildings and transfer back to Tehran by train

This tour has expired